Relaunch of Perfonet® GmbH

Proven quality, best service and unique services with new structure and new design.


To meet your requirements with perforated panels made out of wood-materials and to make this process as easy as possible for you is our objective. This is why we have completely restructured and repositioned the entire company.

We have examined, tested and called into questioned each step, each process, each product and all information’s. Now we are proud to present the results – the new Perfonet® GmbH.

The noticeable feature of the new Perfonet® GmbH is the new and modern design of the Perfonet logo. The name PERFONET and the company color blue were adopted unchanged. It signals the consistency and continuity of Perfonet® GmbH. All other elements of the previous logo were removed and replaced by a new image element.
It represents the core competency of Perfonet® GmbH – perforations in perfect quality.


However, the decisive changes have taken place within the structure of the company and in the product section. The most important element is the return to our core competence – the production of perforations in panels out of wooden-materials.

Following the most important modifications:

  1. Reconstruction of the Perfonet® GmbH to a family brand

Perfonet® GmbH is the family brand under which individual sub-brands can be found. It is the central hub for performances all around perforated panels and ensures that all customers find the perforated panels suited best to their needs.

  1. Streamlining the product portfolio under the guiding principle of the core competence

Services, which were not directly related to the production of perforations, have been removed from the portfolio.

  1. Definition of market segments based on data of previous customers and order structure

The 3 most important areas are those of the manufacturers for merchandise displays, for industrial applications of perforated panels and trade in the broadest sense.

  1. Introduction of sub-brands

Each sub-brand received products and services according to the requirements of the respective target group and of the respective target market.

  1. Optimization throughout the entire process flow

A new IT structure and the streamlining of our internal processes will continue to guarantee precise deliveries.

  1. Investments in equipment and technology

New equipment and new technologies will ensure our ability to offer you solutions with perforated panels to meet your requirements.

Das Ganze haben wir in eine neue Webseite zusammengestellt. Klar gegliedert, transparent aufgebaut und einfach zu bedienen.

We have compiled all of this into a new website. User friendly, clear and transparent.

Have a look:

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