Cardboard – Your additional material for your display

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Ideal for promotional displays
• Identical material
• Disposal via waste paper

The next consistent development at HaDeFi®. Cardboard as perforated panel for your display project – ideal not only for promotional displays. New material with the proven possibilities of HaDeFi®.

With cardboard, HaDeFi® increases the possibilities for manufacturers of product-bearing displays. This closes the gap between corrugated cardboard and HDF.

Cardboard is stronger than corrugated cardboard, remains dimensionally stable and is ideally suited for promotional displays. Also meet requirements for uniform material in your display without losing diversity and variability.

The core material is made of 100% recycled paper and protects our environment. Disposal proceeds without any concern via twaste paper.

Precise and clean perforations exactly where they are needed.

Extensive options that can be freely combined with each other enable versatility and variability. Every display requirement can therefore be met efficiently.

Perfect for promotional displays
High quality material. Perfect perforations where they are needed. Easy to process and quickly available. Disposal via waste paper.

Always white on both sides
The backside is white too. Always good looking – no matter where your display stands.

One material for your display
One material for your display? Simply fulfil this requirement with the HaDeFi® perforated cardboard panel.

Versatile and variable
The HaDeFi® service options are also available for cardboard.
Choose. Plan. Done.

Stronger than corrugated cardboard
The stability of cardboard as a hook wall exceeds that of corrugated cardboard. The perforations are fully punched – no more manual punching of the needed perforations.

Protects the environment and resources
The core of our cardboard consists of 100% waste paper. The covering material is free of acid, lignin and wood. Your perforated cardboard is FSC certified.

Read more about our new cardboard material here.

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